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Brow tutorial!


Brow tutorial! All products are Mary Kay.

1. I used MK brow definer pencil in brunette and traced along the top and bottom of my eyebrow

2. I’m not sure which eyeshadow I used since the name is rubbed off but I think it’s espresso, it’s just a matte brown MK eyeshadow and I used it to fill in my brows.

3. I applied MK brow gel to set everything and keep the hairs in place.

4. I used MK facial highlighting pen in shade 2 to clean up underneath and to highlight my brow bone and blended it with my finger.

5. Then I used MK eyeshadow in honey spice for a subtle shimmer highlight on the brow bone.

And that’s it! I also went back at the end and defined the tail a little bit more 🙂

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HOW TO: Gradient Eyeshadow Look

Hello lovely readers!

This is the tutorial for my eyeshadow of the day look I posted earlier this week, hope it helps! 🙂

I love doing sultry looks like this when I have a nice dinner or something fancy to go to. It will make you look like a movie star! 😉

(you can click on any of the pictures to see them larger if you need to)

I like to do my eyeshadow before I apply my foundation so I can clean up any fallout and not worry about messing up my makeup.

These are the things I used to achieve the look, but of course you can use similar colors you have or whatever colors you’d like.

Products Used

-Kourtney’s Kardazzle palette, the 2nd & 4th eyeshadow on the bottom row of metallics

-Dark brown matte eyeshadow

-Black cream & pencil eyeliner

















First I like to apply eyeshadow primer so the colors will be very pigmented and last all day. Then take the second shade (or your lightest shade) and apply it to your eyelid starting from the inner corner but don’t apply it all over your lid, leave a little space on the outer corner. The reason why I didn’t apply the color to the outer corner is because I want the brown to be really dark in that area, and the lighter color will take away from the pigmentation.











Next take the 4th shade (or your darker shade) and apply it to the outer corner where you didn’t apply the first eyeshadow. I used a crease brush to apply this color so I could be more precise and apply it exactly where I want it. Then start dabbing it over the lighter color  only up to the middle of your lid. This will help give it a gradient effect. Try not to apply too much as you get closer to the middle, you want to keep it the darkest on the outer corner. If you apply too much dark brown towards the middle you can always go back with your lighter color and blend it. Also lightly apply some brown to the outer part of the crease.











Take your matte brown shadow and dab it with your brush just in the outer corner and extend it out a little bit, if you want it to be darker you can take a black eyeshadow and dab it on the outer corner as well. (I like to take a big fluffy eyeshadow brush and sweep it back and forth on the crease to help blend away harsh lines)











Take your pencil eyeliner and tightline your upper lash line and also line your lower lash line. Take your cream liner (or liquid) and line your upper lid, you can do a cat eye if you’d like.











After looking at it I felt like it wasn’t dark enough in the corner or blended enough so I went back and added a little bit of black to the outer corner, blended the crease with my fluffy eyeshadow brush, and went back and touched up my eyeliner











Apply your favorite mascara and fill in your brows (if you’d like)

Heres the completed look with mascara, my foundation done, and eyebrows filled in. Yes, it makes a difference!! 🙂

Completed Look







I hope this tutorial was helpful and if you still have any questions please feel free to ask! 🙂

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HOW TO: Cat Eye

Mastering the ‘Cat Eye’ can be pretty tricky, it’s definitely one of those things where practice makes perfect. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it right away just keep trying! Here’s what I like to use whenever I do a cat eye.

-Pencil Brush (I feel these are easier to draw lines with than angled brushes)

-Pencil Eyeliner (to tightline)

-Gel or Cream Liner


(These are the ones I have)

The first thing I like to do is curl my lashes, then TIGHTLINE

(click for post on tightlining).


Next take your pencil brush (or whatever eyeliner brush you prefer) and your cream/gel liner, pull the skin taute and line your upper lid. You can start with thin lines and go back and make it thicker if thats easier.


Now heres the tricky part, to draw the wing I usually tilt my head back a little and extend the line from the and of the lash line out and repeat for the other side. Tilting my head back really helps me make them even (I have no idea why.) But, sometimes they don’t always come out even so I’ll usually go back and add a little or clean it up with a tissue or q-tip.


Once you’ve gotten them the way you like them add mascara and you can line your lower lash line if you’d like. If you don’t get it the first few times remember to keep trying, you will get it! Most makeup artists weren’t born knowing how to draw the perfect cat eye! 🙂


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HOW TO: Add Glitter To Anything Without It Falling Off!

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been in love with anything that has glitter! I think that glitter makes anything and everything look better. I recently went on a glittering spree with mod podge and gold glitter and now I have a bunch of stuff covered in glitter! haha Two of my favorite things that I “glittered” are my paddle brush and make up brushes. My paddle brush was just a plain purple brush and I have several brushes that are the same and wanted to be able to tell them apart quickly.

All you need is:

  • Mod Podge (Make sure its the GLOSSY one!)
  • Your Favorite Color Glitter (I just got mine from walmart)
  • Foam Brush (I found these work better to spread the mod podge than regular paint brushes)

First you want to make sure the item is clean, wash it with some soap and water or wipe it down with a damp cloth and dry it.

Then apply a layer of mod podge over the object with your foam brush. You might want to work in sections depending on the object so you don’t get mod podge all over your hands and so you can set it down to dry without messing up the glitter.

Sprinkle the glitter on top of it and make sure all of the mod podge is covered and let the layer dry. (I worked over a piece of cardboard so that I could pour the excess glitter back in the bottle)

[Sprinkling the glitter after applying the mod podge leaves a smoother finish as opposed to mixing the glitter with the mod podge then applying it.]

If you want the glitter layer to be really opaque (like me) then apply another layer of mod podge on top of the first one and sprinkle glitter over it again and let it dry.

Once the second layer has dried apply another layer of mod podge over the glitter and let it dry. This seals in the glitter so it won’t fall off the object while you’re using it, and it’ll keep its glittery shiny finish if you used the glossy mod podge.

Let it dry for several hours before you use it just to be safe, then whatever object you chose should be beautiful and glittery! (:


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I have always been a fan of tightlinging even before I knew it had a name, It’s a simple way to look put together without wearing a lot of makeup








you can use a pencil liner, or a cream liner and a pencil brush. Just lift your eyelid and connect your lashes with a thin line to make lashes look fuller







you can apply one coat of mascara to define your lashes if you’d like.






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Simple Smokey Eye

One of my favorite eye looks to wear is a smokey eye! I think they look great on everyone, the key is to find colors that work for you. Smokey eyes can be done many different ways but when I don’t have a lot of time I like to do a smokey eye with only one eyeshadow. It’s also easier to only use one eyeshadow when you’re just learning how to do a smokey eye instead of using several different colors.

*I like to apply my eyeshadow before my foundation whenever I do a smokey eye.

Things needed:

-two eyeshadow brushes. A regular sized one and a big fluffy one


-A dark eyeshadow or whatever color you want your smokey eye to be.

-A matte eyeshadow that matches your skin tone.

-Black eyeliner


First apply eyeshadow base, this will keep your eyeshadow from creasing and fading throughout the day.  I like to use NYX pearl eyeshadow base, especially when I’m using a metallic eyeshadow because it keeps its metallic finish.


Then take your eyeshadow and apply it all over your lid and bring it up to your crease, also apply some along your lower lash line. Don’t worry about blending it yet.


Next take your big fluffy brush and your matte nude shadow and use it to blend out harsh edges along your crease and lower lash line then line your eyes. Just keep blending till everything is nice and smooth you can always go back and add more eyeshadow if you blended away too much.


Clean up any fall out and finish with mascara. Apply your foundation as usual and there you have it! (:



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How To: Eye Brightening Concealer

I used to never wear concealer! I never owned one, never even looked at them, and didn’t even really know how to use them until recently. Now concealer is my favorite part of doing makeup, it really makes a difference in your look!

Things needed:
-full coverage concealer 1 shade lighter than your skin tone
-liquid highlight/highlighting concealer
-blending sponge

These are the ones I like to use

♥ Maybelline Dream Touch Lumi in Nude

♥ Revlon PhotoReady Concealer in Fair

♥ L’Oreal Magic Lumi

First take your full coverage concealer (Revlon PhotoReady) and apply it underneath your eye and extend it down to the tops of your cheeks and out past your eye

(The reason you want to bring your concealer down is to prevent reverse circles where your under eye area doesn’t match your face)

Then take your liquid highlight (I like to use both a highlighting concealer and a liquid highlight but you can use just one if you prefer) and apply several little dots on top of your concealer. You can apply more or less depending on how luminous you want it to look.

*I like to add Maybellines Dream Lumi because its a gel based concealer so it helps keep my concealer from creasing and it lasts longer.

Next take your damp blending sponge and blend your concealer and highlight. I like to take the sponge and apply a little to my brow bone as well for highlight. Use dabbing motions instead of rubbing to give it a smooth finish. It’s best to use a blending sponge and not a brush because brushes tend to leave it streaky.

Once it’s all blended apply your foundation on top using the blending sponge and the same dabbing technique, finish with your favorite setting powder and you’re done!

See how it brightened up my complexion! I love it, it’s my little secret to always looking like I got a full nights sleep! 🙂


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Simple Gold and Teal Eyeshadow Look

Products used:

  • ELF pigment eyeshadow in Tropical Teal
  • Urban Decay YDK shadow
  • L’Oreal HIP gold charge liner
  • Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner in Black
  • Revlon PhotoReady Mascara


  1. First I like to apply a primer then apply the teal eyeshadow all over the lid and under the lower lashes
  2. Next take YDK and blend it from the outer corner of the eye into the crease and apply it to the outer lower lash line.
  3. Then take a black pencil liner and line the upper lash line to help lashes look fuller
  4. Once thats done take your gold eyeliner and line your upper lid and lightly line the lower lash line.
  5. Finish with mascara and you’re done!

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