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This is what I do when I’m bored at 12am

Black with gold glitter


black smokey eye with glitter in the center


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I felt like having mystical nails

dreamy mystical nails
Let me know if you’d like a tutorial (:
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HOW TO: Summery Evening Eye w/ Glitter

As I’ve said many times before I LOVE glitter, and I feel like summer is the perfect time to add some sparkle to your look.

This is one of my favorite looks to do whenever I have a party to go to or something fun to do during the summer,

Products used:

-NYX Pigment Ultra Pearl Mania in Walnut Pearl

-Gel eyeliner

-Gold gitter eyeliner


First apply an eyeshadow primer then apply the pigment all over the lid






Next take your cream eyeliner and line your upper lid to create a cat eye






Then take a gold glitter eyeliner or any color you like (NYX has some great ones) and trace along the line you just made






Line your lower lash line with a black pencil if you’d like and finish with mascara. ūüôā


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HOW TO: Add Glitter To Anything Without It Falling Off!

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been in love with anything that has glitter! I think that glitter makes anything and everything look better. I recently went on a glittering spree with mod podge and gold glitter and now I have a bunch of stuff covered in glitter! haha Two of my favorite things that I “glittered” are my paddle brush and make up brushes. My paddle brush was just a plain purple brush and I have several brushes that are the same and wanted to be able to tell them apart quickly.

All you need is:

  • Mod Podge (Make sure its the GLOSSY one!)
  • Your Favorite Color Glitter (I just got mine from walmart)
  • Foam Brush (I found these work better to spread the mod podge than regular paint brushes)

First you want to make sure the item is clean, wash it with some soap and water or wipe it down with a damp cloth and dry it.

Then apply a layer of mod podge over the object with your foam brush. You might want to work in sections depending on the object so you don’t get mod podge all over your hands and so you can set it down to dry without messing up the glitter.

Sprinkle the glitter on top of it and make sure all of the mod podge is covered and let the layer dry. (I worked over a piece of cardboard so that I could pour the excess glitter back in the bottle)

[Sprinkling the glitter after applying the mod podge leaves a smoother finish as opposed to mixing the glitter with the mod podge then applying it.]

If you want the glitter layer to be really opaque (like me) then apply another layer of mod podge on top of the first one and sprinkle glitter over it again and let it dry.

Once the second layer has dried apply another layer of mod podge over the glitter and let it dry. This seals in the glitter so it won’t fall off the object while you’re using it, and it’ll keep its glittery shiny finish if you used the glossy mod podge.

Let it dry for several hours before you use it just to be safe, then whatever object you chose should be beautiful and glittery! (:


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Swatches: Two Faced Glamour Dust in Glampire


I purchased one of the Glamour Dust Glitter Pigments by Two Faced in the color Glampire, has a purple-y/brown base with blue shimmer, its described as a “peacock brown.” ¬†I also bought the their Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue to use as a base when I apply this or other glitters that I have.

click to enlarge (click image to enlarge)
 left swatch is Glampire alone, right swatch is glampire over the glitter glue.


Of course like any shadow it looks better with a base under it. I really love this glitter its such a pretty color! You can also wear it on top of other eyeshadows to give them a different look and the glitter glue can also be used on top of eyeshadows to keep the glitter in place.


In the photo above I swatched a dark brown metallic shadow to the left, a gold metallic shadow in the middle and a purple metallic shadow on the right, dabbed some glitter glue on top of them and applied Glampire over them. It gives a nice¬†iridescent glittery finish¬†to them.¬†I’ll¬†definitely¬†try some different looks with this and pair it with other colors.

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Nautical Nails

This is one of my favorite nail designs to do during spring and summer ūüôā


Polishes Used:
-ULTA Moody Blues
-Red nail art polish
-Milani Jewel FX Gold
-Milani High Speed Fast Dry in white

First I paint 4 of my nails with my blue polish and paint one nail (usually my ring finger) white, then do a second coat.

Once that dries I take my glitter polish and create horizontal stripes on my nails. I like to apply several layers of glitter, and let it dry in between each layer to keep the glitter from just sliding around.

Then I’ll take a toothpick or a striper brush to create two¬†horizontal¬†blue lines on my ring finger (or the white nail) Next I take my red striper paint and make a red cross then draw a wide V shape on the bottom and add little upside down V’s to the ends.

and last apply a top coat!


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