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Golden cat eye

20140510-130009.jpgI posted a little video tutorial on my instagram if you’d like to check it out.

Instagram: @cosmeticsobsession

Lorac Pro Palette
– ‘gold’ all over lid
– ‘nude’ inner corner
– ‘black’ to smoke out eyeliner

Revlon colorstay eyeliner

Ardell lashes wispies

ABH dipbrow in dark brown


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Cat Eye

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Cat Eye/Nude LipsEyes:

  • Lorac Pro Palette
  • Mary Kay Gel Liner
  • Revlon PhotoReady Mascara


  • Anastasia Dipbrow in Dark Brown
  • Mary Kay Brow Gel


  • Mary Kay Lip liner in Neutral
  • M.A.C Lipstick in Angel
  • Kardashian Beauty Lipgloss from Au-Naturel lip set



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HOW TO: Summery Evening Eye w/ Glitter

As I’ve said many times before I LOVE glitter, and I feel like summer is the perfect time to add some sparkle to your look.

This is one of my favorite looks to do whenever I have a party to go to or something fun to do during the summer,

Products used:

-NYX Pigment Ultra Pearl Mania in Walnut Pearl

-Gel eyeliner

-Gold gitter eyeliner


First apply an eyeshadow primer then apply the pigment all over the lid






Next take your cream eyeliner and line your upper lid to create a cat eye






Then take a gold glitter eyeliner or any color you like (NYX has some great ones) and trace along the line you just made






Line your lower lash line with a black pencil if you’d like and finish with mascara. 🙂


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HOW TO: Cat Eye

Mastering the ‘Cat Eye’ can be pretty tricky, it’s definitely one of those things where practice makes perfect. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it right away just keep trying! Here’s what I like to use whenever I do a cat eye.

-Pencil Brush (I feel these are easier to draw lines with than angled brushes)

-Pencil Eyeliner (to tightline)

-Gel or Cream Liner


(These are the ones I have)

The first thing I like to do is curl my lashes, then TIGHTLINE

(click for post on tightlining).


Next take your pencil brush (or whatever eyeliner brush you prefer) and your cream/gel liner, pull the skin taute and line your upper lid. You can start with thin lines and go back and make it thicker if thats easier.


Now heres the tricky part, to draw the wing I usually tilt my head back a little and extend the line from the and of the lash line out and repeat for the other side. Tilting my head back really helps me make them even (I have no idea why.) But, sometimes they don’t always come out even so I’ll usually go back and add a little or clean it up with a tissue or q-tip.


Once you’ve gotten them the way you like them add mascara and you can line your lower lash line if you’d like. If you don’t get it the first few times remember to keep trying, you will get it! Most makeup artists weren’t born knowing how to draw the perfect cat eye! 🙂


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