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Simple everyday brows using Anastasia Beverly Hills

I used to be all about dark defined brows, but recently I’ve been liking lighter and more natural looking brows.

To achieve this natural everyday brow I use three products:

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in dark brown

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder duo in dark brown

3. Clear brow gel

First I lightly underline my brow along the natural arch using dipbrow for definition and blend the line upward.

Next I take the darker shade of the powder duo and use it to fill in the outer 2/3 of my brows then use the lighter shade to fill in the front.

Lastly I apply clear brow gel to keep the hairs in place and it helps the powder last longer through out the day.

(I apply the the two brow colors using anastasia Beverly Hills #12 brush, but any angled brush will do)

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Get that Kim Kardashian Glow! –Simple highlighting tutorial


Having a dewy glow is really in right now, especially for summer. Everyone wants to have bright healthy looking skin. I have a video version of this on my instagram

This is my favorite way to highlight my face when I want a nice glow.

1. 20140702-180100-64860436.jpg
First I like to correct dark circles. This is important to keep the under-eye area from looking grey and ashy. I used my cream palette from nine•one•two(you can use code COSMETICOBSESSION for 10% off) Salmon color is great for correcting dark circles.

I used a brush to apply the cream concealer and went over it with my real techniques blending sponge to smooth it out.

2. 20140702-180815-65295951.jpg
Next I applied a lighter color concealer over it to highlight. I applied it with a brush then used my sponge again to blend.

3. 20140702-182305-66185249.jpg
This is optional but I like to apply light layer of foundation on top to keep it from looking too light.

4. 20140702-182408-66248201.jpg
Next I like to set my highlight with powder to keep it from creasing. I used ‘vanilla’ from my Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit.

5. 20140702-182659-66419552.jpg
Apply a shimmery a highlight powder to the tips of your cheeks. I used
Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm. You can also use sand from Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit.


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Brow tutorial!


Brow tutorial! All products are Mary Kay.

1. I used MK brow definer pencil in brunette and traced along the top and bottom of my eyebrow

2. I’m not sure which eyeshadow I used since the name is rubbed off but I think it’s espresso, it’s just a matte brown MK eyeshadow and I used it to fill in my brows.

3. I applied MK brow gel to set everything and keep the hairs in place.

4. I used MK facial highlighting pen in shade 2 to clean up underneath and to highlight my brow bone and blended it with my finger.

5. Then I used MK eyeshadow in honey spice for a subtle shimmer highlight on the brow bone.

And that’s it! I also went back at the end and defined the tail a little bit more 🙂

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HOW TO: Winged out Ombre Lips

winged ombre

This was inspired by @loreleicakes (Rihanna’s Makeup Artist)

I just love the way she does makeup, and I had to try this look for myself. While I won’t find myself wearing this out and about, its just something fun to try when you’re feeling edgy or maybe even for halloween!

  1. Apply concealer or foundation over your lips
  2. Take a medium purple lipstick (I used poisonberry from lc) and apply it all over your lips
  3. Apply NYX jumbo pencil in milk to the center of your lip and blot your lips together to blend the colors. Keep doing this till you get the desired shade of light purple you want and till its blended.
  4. Line your lips with a black lip liner (or eyeliner) and use a lip brush to blend it downward into your purple so there isn’t a harsh line.
  5. Make sure your black liner is sharp and at the corners of your mouth start winging it out like if you were doing a cat eye. This may take a few times before you get them both even but don’t worry you’ll get it. (If you mess up just wipe it off and apply some foundation or concealer)
  6. Clean up the edges of your lips with your foundation/concealer


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HOW TO: Gradient Eyeshadow Look

Hello lovely readers!

This is the tutorial for my eyeshadow of the day look I posted earlier this week, hope it helps! 🙂

I love doing sultry looks like this when I have a nice dinner or something fancy to go to. It will make you look like a movie star! 😉

(you can click on any of the pictures to see them larger if you need to)

I like to do my eyeshadow before I apply my foundation so I can clean up any fallout and not worry about messing up my makeup.

These are the things I used to achieve the look, but of course you can use similar colors you have or whatever colors you’d like.

Products Used

-Kourtney’s Kardazzle palette, the 2nd & 4th eyeshadow on the bottom row of metallics

-Dark brown matte eyeshadow

-Black cream & pencil eyeliner

















First I like to apply eyeshadow primer so the colors will be very pigmented and last all day. Then take the second shade (or your lightest shade) and apply it to your eyelid starting from the inner corner but don’t apply it all over your lid, leave a little space on the outer corner. The reason why I didn’t apply the color to the outer corner is because I want the brown to be really dark in that area, and the lighter color will take away from the pigmentation.











Next take the 4th shade (or your darker shade) and apply it to the outer corner where you didn’t apply the first eyeshadow. I used a crease brush to apply this color so I could be more precise and apply it exactly where I want it. Then start dabbing it over the lighter color  only up to the middle of your lid. This will help give it a gradient effect. Try not to apply too much as you get closer to the middle, you want to keep it the darkest on the outer corner. If you apply too much dark brown towards the middle you can always go back with your lighter color and blend it. Also lightly apply some brown to the outer part of the crease.











Take your matte brown shadow and dab it with your brush just in the outer corner and extend it out a little bit, if you want it to be darker you can take a black eyeshadow and dab it on the outer corner as well. (I like to take a big fluffy eyeshadow brush and sweep it back and forth on the crease to help blend away harsh lines)











Take your pencil eyeliner and tightline your upper lash line and also line your lower lash line. Take your cream liner (or liquid) and line your upper lid, you can do a cat eye if you’d like.











After looking at it I felt like it wasn’t dark enough in the corner or blended enough so I went back and added a little bit of black to the outer corner, blended the crease with my fluffy eyeshadow brush, and went back and touched up my eyeliner











Apply your favorite mascara and fill in your brows (if you’d like)

Heres the completed look with mascara, my foundation done, and eyebrows filled in. Yes, it makes a difference!! 🙂

Completed Look







I hope this tutorial was helpful and if you still have any questions please feel free to ask! 🙂

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HOW TO: Summery Evening Eye w/ Glitter

As I’ve said many times before I LOVE glitter, and I feel like summer is the perfect time to add some sparkle to your look.

This is one of my favorite looks to do whenever I have a party to go to or something fun to do during the summer,

Products used:

-NYX Pigment Ultra Pearl Mania in Walnut Pearl

-Gel eyeliner

-Gold gitter eyeliner


First apply an eyeshadow primer then apply the pigment all over the lid






Next take your cream eyeliner and line your upper lid to create a cat eye






Then take a gold glitter eyeliner or any color you like (NYX has some great ones) and trace along the line you just made






Line your lower lash line with a black pencil if you’d like and finish with mascara. 🙂


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Blue Moon

This is one of my favorite looks to do. These colors together just look so pretty, they kind of remind me of a full moon.

For this look I used:

-Navy eyeshadow

-Medium blue Metallic eyeshadow

-Light Blue Metallic eyeshadow

-Peach Eyeshadow

-Dark Blue Eyeliner


Whenever I’m working with dark eyeshadows I usually like to apply my foundation after my eye makeup. 🙂

  1. Apply the peach eyeshadow all over the lid, then create a “C” shape on the outer corner of the eye with the navy eyeshadow.
  2. Next take your medium blue color and apply it in between the peach and the navy blue and into the crease
  3. Take your navy eyeshadow and darken the outer corner of your eye. (You can go back and add more peach to the inner half of your eye if needed)
  4. Next line your eyes with your dark blue eyeliner (or black)
  5. Finish with mascara and clean up any fall out. 🙂



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Subtle Pop Of Color

A lot of people are afraid to even touch blue eyeshadow because they’re scared to look like this…

I know, this show scarred me too haha but when worn properly blue is actually a very nice color to wear!

All you need is

-metallic light blue eyeshadow

-a matte medium brown eyeshadow


-black or dark brown eyeliner if you want to tightline.


First apply eye primer then the matte brown eyeshadow all over your lid and a little into your crease, then take your blue and blend it on the outer corner of your eye and the outer part of your lower lash line. You can keep adding blue little by little till you get the effect you want.


Next make sure it’s well blended and take your eyeliner and tightline if you’d like, then clean up any fall out and apply mascara. And theres a simple easy way to add blue for a little pop of color thats wearable and perfect for everyday. 🙂


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Easy Boho Summer Nails

Teal nail polish is one of my favorite colors to wear this time of year and paired with gold it looks even more beautiful! Like I’ve said before I think everything looks better with glitter and studs. So of course I created my own “studs” with a gold glitter polish, and from a distance they really do look like studs!











Things needed:
-Your favorite teal polish ( I used mint condition from ULTA)
-A gold shimmer polish
-and a dotting tool ( I like to use an old stylus)











First paint two coats of your teal polish and let it dry

Then take your gold shimmer polish and dotting tool and create a row of dots down the center of the nail, if they’re not as opaque as you want them you can let them dry and go back and apply more.

Then finish with a top coat to add shine and smooth out the polish.
And that’s all! Really simple but cute nails! 🙂

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HOW TO: Cat Eye

Mastering the ‘Cat Eye’ can be pretty tricky, it’s definitely one of those things where practice makes perfect. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it right away just keep trying! Here’s what I like to use whenever I do a cat eye.

-Pencil Brush (I feel these are easier to draw lines with than angled brushes)

-Pencil Eyeliner (to tightline)

-Gel or Cream Liner


(These are the ones I have)

The first thing I like to do is curl my lashes, then TIGHTLINE

(click for post on tightlining).


Next take your pencil brush (or whatever eyeliner brush you prefer) and your cream/gel liner, pull the skin taute and line your upper lid. You can start with thin lines and go back and make it thicker if thats easier.


Now heres the tricky part, to draw the wing I usually tilt my head back a little and extend the line from the and of the lash line out and repeat for the other side. Tilting my head back really helps me make them even (I have no idea why.) But, sometimes they don’t always come out even so I’ll usually go back and add a little or clean it up with a tissue or q-tip.


Once you’ve gotten them the way you like them add mascara and you can line your lower lash line if you’d like. If you don’t get it the first few times remember to keep trying, you will get it! Most makeup artists weren’t born knowing how to draw the perfect cat eye! 🙂


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