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Neutral glossy lip using Sigma beauty

As much as I love my matte lips, I love a good neutral glossy lip in the winter time. Especially since my lips get chapped easily during winter, wearing a gloss keeps them looking healthy and hydrated!


Sigma lip base in Indulgent
Sigma lip vex in all heart

I applied the lip base all over first and since its a pencil I didn’t need a lip liner or anything, then applied the lip vex (gloss) over that.

Sigma beauty is also having a sale of 20% off their brush kits today! just use code SIGMAKIT!

check them out

Sigma Beauty: Brush Collections

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July Favorites!

July Favorites

I don’t do a post every month on my favorite products because I generally stick to the same routine, but last month I ventured outside the box and tried a few things that are definitely worth sharing with you guys!

The four products that I am absolutely loving at the moment are:

  1. Maybelline Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation
  2. Z Palette
  3. Mary Kay Lash & Brow Building Serum
  4. Finishing Touch Smile Pen


I bought the Maybelline foundation stick on a whim just to try it out. I was thinking it wasn’t going to be so great since stick foundations tend to be dry, and especially since I have dry skin they usually amplify every dry patch on the face! I decided to give it a try anyway since I loved the liquid fit me foundation and I’m glad I did!

Maybelline describes it as “Our first gel stick foundation with an anti-shine core. Fresh gel foundation blends to a flawless matte finish. Lightweight powders in the anti-shine core instantly dissolve excess oil” I love it!! It goes on so smooth and once you start blending it into your skin it leaves a nice matte finish. Its lasted all day during this scorching Texas heat and hasn’t gotten shiny on me at all!


I had been wanting to buy one of these ever since I received a mini one in a glam bag a while back, and I finally decided to purchase the large palette last month and they shipped it soo fast! For those of you not familiar with z palettes they come in different sizes and the inside is magnetic so you can organize your eyeshadows, blushes, or whatever you’d like inside. They don’t have dividers inside of them so you can arrange everything exactly the way you want it. They come with 20 round magnetic stickers just incase some of the pans aren’t magnetic [I was able to cut them and stick them with cuticle scissors to stick them on pans that aren’t round.] This is seriously the best invention ever! I was able to free up so much space in my vanity by depotting my eyeshadows instead of having a bunch of singles floating around in my drawer! aaand did I mention how cute it looks in leopard print..? haha

Z Palette


I am such a huge skeptic when it comes to things that say they enhance lashes so I did not have high hopes for this AT ALL.. I bought it several months ago and tried it but I would forget to use it most days, so this time I decided that I was going to apply it every night and really give it a try. My lashes are normally very straight, not long at all, and very delicate they tend to fall out when I remove my makeup, but after using this for about 1 week I noticed my lashes had more volume and they also got thicker and a little longer and didn’t fall as much when took off my makeup. Now my lashes are soo much fuller and longer and they look amazing! I wish I would have taken before and after pictures but I really wasn’t expecting to see any results.

Mary Kay Lash & Brow Building Serum


Okay, I saved the best for last. This is yet another product I didn’t have high hopes for. I saw results after the 2nd day! I bought it at target for $9.99 and it works better than whitening strips!! The way I use it is after I brush my teeth in the morning, I dry my teeth off with a towel then brush on the gel let it dry for about 30seconds then do the same to the bottom. I usually do this twice a day once in the morning and before bed. After 2 weeks of using it I noticed my teeth were several shades whiter and brighter, and other people started noticing as well. Also i experienced ZERO sensitivity which is another thing I was worried about since my gums and teeth were super sensitive after I tried crest whitening strips. So I would definitely recommend picking one up and giving it a try. I believe its available at walgreens and cvs as well.

Finishing Touch Teeth Whitening Pen

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Cult Cosmetics: Techno Nights Nail Art Kit

I came across the company Cult Cosmetics (formerly Nasty Nail) and their nail art kits few months ago and had one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?!” moments. They have such cute nail art ideas and they sell the nail polishes and tools needed to recreate the looks in kits…how awesome is that? Their customer service is amazing too, I had accidentally ordered the wrong kit and didn’t notice till the order was already processed, so I emailed them and asked them if it was possible to change it to the one I meant to order. I received a reply right away saying that it would not be a problem and that they switched it out and my new kit was on its away! After receiving amazing customer service and loving the idea of their nail art kits, of course I told everyone I knew to check them out! Another thing I love is that the polishes in the kits full size are Essie, Orly, and occasionally OPI, so you’re definitely getting your moneys worth! They recently sent me two kits to share with you guys, this one is called Techno Nights and its gorgeous for summer! (I’ll have the other one up soon!)


I love that they wrap the polishes in bubble wrap to make sure they don’t break during shipping and that they send them in zip lock bags so you can keep everything together.


This kit came with:

  • Orly-Glowstick
  • Orly- Oh Cabana Boy
  • Essie- Licorice
  • Stripping Tape
  • Sponges



To recreate this look I painted my nails with Glowstick first,




Then put a Oh Cabana Boy on the sponge and started dabbing it on the bottom half of my nails. To blend it a little more I added Glowstick on a clean side of the sponge and went back and dabbed it on the middle of my nail where the pink and the yellow colors met.


Once thats done it should look something like this, don’t worry if it doesn’t feel smooth and if you got polish on your skin, the top coat will smooth it out and help blend the colors and you can use a q-tip to clean it up after.




Then cut strips of the stripping tape and create a v on each nail. On the ring finger make cut the strips long, paint over it with the black polish and remove the tape while the polish is still wet. After the polish dries seal your design in with top coat! 🙂



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Spring Favorites

Ok Guys! This post is going to be a little on the lengthy side haha I’m going to share my favorite products to use during spring, I’m going to try and keep it as short and to the point as possible! 🙂


Face/Skin Care



Smashbox Photo Finish Primer UVA/UVB SPF 15- This is my favorite primer! It’s anti-aging and has SPF! This one seems to work better for me than their regular one (and thats because that one used to be my favorite) The only reason why I use this primer is because I got it on sale for $10…I know right such a great deal. I’m going to be so sad when I run out because it is pricy, but maybe i’ll splurge because I love it so much

L’Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream- I absolutely love this bb cream! All the other ones I’ve tested left me feeling greasy and shiny (and thats because I have dry skin!) It evens out my skin tone and gives a nice natural finish. Whenever I don’t feel like wearing too much makeup I’ll usually apply this then powder on top and spray fix+ or a setting spray.

Maybelline Fit Me- During spring I love for my foundation to have a dewy finish since the weather is usually nice and fresh, and this foundation is perfect! I love it!

ELF Makeup Mist & Set- I’ve been using this for a while now and I love to use it if my makeup looks a little too powdery and to set my makeup. I wouldn’t say it makes my makeup last all night but it does keep it on longer than usual.

Naphcon A Eye Drops- I know it’s a little random to throw this in but I’ve been using these for years now and prefer them over every other brand out there. If you have allergies or sensitive eyes like I do these are the best. They literally take care of everything redness, itching, watery eyes, you name it and they work quickly too! Whenever my eyes bother me I use two drops and within 2-3 min. they’re feeling better!

Josie Marin Argan Oil- I’ve mentioned this before but it’s still a favorite! I like to use it as a nightly moisturizer. It’s great for every skin type and you can use it for your hair, skin, nails, cuticles…everything! So it’s just a great product to have on hand.

Revlon PhotoReady Concealer- This concealer is full coverage which I love, I use it for dark circles, spot coverage, and for highlighting.

Prosacea – This gel is great for getting rid of redness and occasional pimples. I don’t have rosacea but I do get occasional redness and pimples on my cheeks and this really helps even out my skin.





Revlon PhotoReady Eyeshadow in Metropolitan- I love the colors in this because you can do both daytime and night time looks and its small enough to fit in your bag.

MAC Pigment in Copper Sparkle- This color is amazing, I love pigments because you can use them wet or dry and even as eyeliner or mix them with other colors to create custom colors.

MICA Eyeshadow in Earth- Rose gold shadow is really in right now and personally I love it! This eyeshadow is a dusty pink color and I like to layer it with a gold eyeshadow or mix in the MAC Copper Sparkle Pigment to get a rose gold color.

Sephora Kohl in Purple-  I love wearing purple eye makeup during spring, I’ll usually just use this as an eyeliner or apply it all over my lid and put a purple eyeshadow on top.

Khloe’s Kardazzle Face Palette-  This colors in this are gorgeous now that the weather has warmed up, you can create so many different looks with this. The metallic colors are absolutely GORGEOUS!

Mary Kay Eye Primer- This primer is amazing! My eyeshadow doesn’t crease at all with this, I like it more than high end primers that i’ve tried!





Maybelline Color Whispers (Left-Right) Petal Rebel, Pink Possiblities, Faint for Fuchsia, Who Wore It Red-er, A Plum Prospect. I’ve found myself reaching for these a lot lately. They’re a lot more pigmented than I expected and also very hydrating

MAC Angel- Such a gorgeous nude-pink color, I love to wear it whenever I’m wearing bold eyeshadow.

MAC Pink Pearl Pop- Perfect for spring! It’s a barbie pink color with subtle shimmer.






Wet & Wild in Blazed 

Sally Hanson Lacy Lilac 

Essie Mint Candy Apple- This is my favorite Essie polish ever!

Essie Blanc- White polish is always good to have, during spring I usually like to paint my nails white and do pastel polka dots or stripes.


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My Favorite Summer Nail Polishes


L’Oreal Jet Set To Paris- It reminds me of the ocean! such a lovely summer color

ULTA Mint Condition- This color is a dupe for Essie’s Turquoise and Caicos but cheaper! I love this color its such a pretty bohemian blue.

OPI Did It On ‘Em- This gorgeous chartreuse color is perfect for summer, it will definitely stand out in the sea of bright red nails most people wear during summer!

ULTA Sun-Sational- A very pretty wearable yellow that isn’t bright or neon so it doesn’t look crazy!

Milani Jiffy Orange- I love wearing orange nail polish during the summer because it has a more bright sunny feel as opposed to fall when orange is usually associated with pumpkins and halloween.

ULTA Eye Popping Poppy- Words cannot express how much I love this color! Its so pretty and bright, definitely eye popping. I’ve been wearing this color a lot recently.

Milani Pink Hottie- It’s such a cute bright barbie pink, its my go-to pink during spring and summer.

Sally Hanson Lacy Lilac- This purple is amazing! I love it because it doesn’t look gray when it dries like most light purples do. It’s the perfect pastel purple.

Pixi Very Violet- This color is sooo bold and gorgeous it reminds me of blooming summer flowers and definitely looks amazing in the summer sun.


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My New MAC Babies!


So I stopped by MAC today to pick up Angel but of course I couldn’t leave with just one. I ended up buying Pink Pearl Pop and its a gorgeous barbie pink with very light shimmer, perfect for spring! Angel is a nice soft pink that is perfect for every day use if you just want subtle color. I also got color matched for the first time at MAC with their Pro Longwear Foundation + Pro Longwear Concealer (I know, its about time) and found out I wear NC25. I’m loving both of them, can’t wait to go back and purchase them when I run out of foundation.

Image(Top: Pink Pearl Pop, Bottom: Angel)


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Maybelline Vivids & Maybelline Color Whispers Review + Swatches

(Color Whispers: Pink Rebel, Pink Possiblities, Faint for Fuchsia, Who Wore It Red-er.
Vivids: Shocking Coral, Hot Plum, Brazen Berry)

Vivids: As much as I wanted to purchase all or most of the Maybelline Vivids, I limited myself to these three mainly because I have many other lipsticks that were similar to the other colors. The ones I decided to buy are Shocking Coral, Hot Plum, and Brazen Berry. They all have a really nice moisturizing formula. Brazen Berry wasn’t as opaque as I hoped it’d be but its still a pretty color.


(Shocking Coral, Hot Plum, and Brazen Berry)

Color Whispers: Okay, I just love these…even more than baby lips and thats because I thought baby lips were amazing! I’m definitely going to be purchasing more of these. The colors I got were Petal Rebel, Pink Possibilities, Faint For Fuchsia, and Who Wore It Red-er. I was pleasantly surprised because I was expecting for them to barely have any color pay off since they’re called color whispers, but I think the pigmentation is really good! and they’re very moisturizing. These are my new favorite lip balms words cannot express how much I love these! haha


(Petal Rebel, Pink Possibilities, Faint For Fuchsia, Who Wore It Red-er)


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