RC Cosmetics Face Brushes –Review

These brushes were sent to me by RC Cosmetics for review. I’ve been using them for a few weeks and I have to say they’ve become some of my favorite brushes! I’ve heard they’re comparable to Sigma brushes at a better price. I’ve never owned any Sigma brushes so I can’t personally compare the two.

These are some of the softest face brushes I’ve ever had and I love that they’re affordable too. The 4 large face brushes come in a set for $19.96 (you can check them out here) they also have them in different barrel colors and styles. Most of the affordable brushes I’ve purchased are rough and shed a lot, but I haven’t had shedding with these and I’ve washed them several times already. They’re also super easy to clean and the tips of the bristles don’t stain easily.
When I first tried them, I wasn’t too much of a fan. Since the bristles are so dense and full it seemed to brush off my foundation whenever I would brush on powder, blush or contour. But I started using them the dab on powders instead of brush them on and boy did that make a huge difference! Now when I apply my products with a dabbing or a stippling motion it leaves an airbrushed finish!

1. Pointed brush: I like to use this one to set my under eye concealer and to contour.

2. Rounded brush: I like to use this one to dab powder all over my face once I’ve applied my foundation.

3. Angled brush: I use this one to dab on my favorite blush on my cheeks and it makes it look so natural!

4. Flat Top brush: I’ve been using this one to apply my foundation/cc cream and it makes it look amazing! I usually hate using brushes because they tend to leave foundation streaky, but using this to dab or stipple foundation all I’ve my face has left such a great finish!

5. Small Detail brush: this brush can be used for so many different things. I like to use it for detailed contour, to apply eyeshadow, and to highlight my brow bone. My favorite use for it is to apply my under eye concealer. Again, I use a dabbing motion to dab and blend out my under eye concealer/highlight and it leaves it so smooth and even.

Verdict: I definitely say this brushes are worth $20! I’ve paid more for just one stippling brush and my makeup still didn’t look as flawless as it does with these brushes.

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