Airbrush Makeup Machine — Review

I received this awesome airbrush machine from the lovely people at They sell a variety of different supplies from train cases to tanning airbrush kits and even salon equipment at affordable prices.

I’ve always wanted to try airbrush makeup to get a that flawless, natural finish and thanks to them I finally got to!

Here is the actual machine, it can be purchased at


First off, I love the size of the machine. It’s not obnoxiously big so you can keep it on your counter or vanity and it won’t take up too much space. They also have it available in black and gold, and they even have cute heart shaped ones!

It’s pretty simple to use and put together which is great! It’s also very easy to clean. I made sure to purchase foundation that is specifically made for airbrush machines because I read that using regular foundations can clog the machine, so I didn’t want to take any chances. The little cup where you insert foundation is pretty large, so it can hold a generous amount of foundation so you don’t have to be constantly refilling it.

The dial where you control the pressure that the foundation sprays out has a huge range from very light mist to a powerful dense mist. This is great because it allows you to get around your eye area without getting any foundation in your eyes and you can raise the pressure to cover a larger area of your face.

Here is a picture of me after applying the airbrush foundation. I just applied a little bit of contour and blush on my face. I didn’t use powder or anything on top of the foundation.


I absolutely love this machine! It’s literally mistake proof, this application I did was my first try.

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