Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade First Impression

I was very skeptical to try this product. I think it was mainly the fact that it looks like a gel eyeliner. I thought to myself there is no way this will look natural. Also the fact that everyone and their mother is talking about it, I thought it was probably overrated. Yesterday I finally decided that I was going to give in and purchase it. I went to the Sephora in my area and they were sold out of the color I wanted. So this morning I called every Sephora/Ulta in my area and finally found a store that had ONE left. You best believe I rushed over there as quickly as possible! I decided to buy the shade dark brown since chocolate is too warm for my taste, blonde is too light, and ebony is too dark.

Price: $18.00

.14 oz

I’m glad to say that it really does live up to the hype and I have to admit I really love this product. A little really does go a long way, so the jar should last a while. I love that it doesn’t leave the brows feeling stiff/crunchy/cakey when it dries. It’s also buildable so you can do a light application for a more natural look or add more product for a more defined dramatic look. I usually have a problem with one of my eyebrows smearing and rubbing off during the day (the side my bangs are on) and I noticed that it did not happen with this product, so that was a HUGE plus. This is definitely going to be my go to eyebrow product during these hot Texas summers. Bottom line, I would definitely recommend this product!


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12 responses to “Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade First Impression

  1. I’m glad to know this lives up to the hype. It looks great on! I do my brows but have always wanted to experiment a bit more with different methods to see what I like best. May be worth checking out!

  2. henryfacebeauty

    I love this product and think its worth every penny. I also have the dark brown shade and love it because its one of the only eyebrow products I’ve been able to find that doesn’t go too auburn for me. Your eyebrows look absolutely flawless by the way. Love all of your pictures!

  3. I thought it looked like gel eyeliner too. Lol. They really do work best though!

  4. It’s on my lust list and their contour palette too..can’t buy it in NZ yet so will have to order it from US Now..btw ur brows look so well groomed..I am totally obsessed with kept eye yours

  5. Hi sis! when used in daily basis, how long do you think it will empty the jar? 🙂
    Ive read good reviews about Anastasia BH.

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