HOW TO: Winged out Ombre Lips

winged ombre

This was inspired by @loreleicakes (Rihanna’s Makeup Artist)

I just love the way she does makeup, and I had to try this look for myself. While I won’t find myself wearing this out and about, its just something fun to try when you’re feeling edgy or maybe even for halloween!

  1. Apply concealer or foundation over your lips
  2. Take a medium purple lipstick (I used poisonberry from lc) and apply it all over your lips
  3. Apply NYX jumbo pencil in milk to the center of your lip and blot your lips together to blend the colors. Keep doing this till you get the desired shade of light purple you want and till its blended.
  4. Line your lips with a black lip liner (or eyeliner) and use a lip brush to blend it downward into your purple so there isn’t a harsh line.
  5. Make sure your black liner is sharp and at the corners of your mouth start winging it out like if you were doing a cat eye. This may take a few times before you get them both even but don’t worry you’ll get it. (If you mess up just wipe it off and apply some foundation or concealer)
  6. Clean up the edges of your lips with your foundation/concealer


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