JUNE 2013 IPSY Glam Bag


I was excited to get the the bag itself this month! I am obsessed with all things leopard/cheetah print!



as much as I love glitter…this pallet isn’t for me. Its basically glitter in Vaseline. It says best not to use on the eyes and its best to use as body glitter…no thanks!










These lashes are my new favorite! I’ve been wanting to buy some more lashes so I was so glad I got these! I love them!









At first I was thinking this is a ridiculous color for a “blush” but it looks more golden when I apply it and looks awesome as a bronzer, and a really pretty eyeshadow,  I really ended up loving it












I am a fan of highlighting products so I was so glad I got this, I looove highlighting pencils because you can use them for so many things, This one can be used as a concealer, on your brow bone, waterline, inner corners of your eyes, and so much more!












Okay, I’ve saved the WORST for last…. this lip liner is my least favorite product in the bag. It looks HORRIBLE with my skin tone. So much for the ipsy match quiz…













Top: NYX blush in Copper

Middle: Chella Ivory Lace Highligter Pencil

Bottom: Starlooks Lip Pencil in Bare






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13 responses to “JUNE 2013 IPSY Glam Bag

  1. Pretty Little Beauty Blog

    I’m so excited about this bag! I got the eyeliner not the lashes which kind of stinks but I’m still pretty excited.

      • Pretty Little Beauty Blog

        I couldn’t go back to my comment to see if this is about the lip or eyeliner :(. The eyeliner is pretty amazing, my lip liner is like super dark on me which stinks.

      • haha its okay, which color eyeliner did you get?
        ughh did you get bare also? i cant stand that lip liner…im going to give it to my mom since she likes browns so i’m glad it wont go to waste haha

      • Pretty Little Beauty Blog

        I got the purple, I had to put a second coat on as it wasn’t as dark as I thought it would be. Not a ton of my friends wear makeup so I’m just going to see how it works. I have a NYX Pumpkin Pie lipstick that it looks okay with. I don’t understand how pale ladies got bare…

      • ughh i know! and especially in my survey i chose that i like bright things and colors blah blah NOT natural -.-

      • Pretty Little Beauty Blog

        I think mine was because I like natural looks but not brown lips…. idk probably my fault lol.

  2. plainjanemcgough

    I’m not a glitter fan either, but the rest looks awesome!

  3. I ended up giving the glitter palette away. Not for me either. Th blush and highlighter were pretty cool though. Love them!

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