MAC RiRi Woo Swatches and Comparisons

OK GUYS! I finally got my RiRi Woo yesterday!! I was soo excited! The first thing I did today was go to Nordstrom to get swatches of Russian Red and Ruby Woo to compare them for you all, because I lost my Ruby Woo and I don’t own Russian Red.

RiRi Woo (RRW) and Ruby Woo (RW) are very and I mean VERY similar, except RRW is a little more intense and a bit deeper. Its really hard to tell the difference in photographs but they are pretty much the same color. I would have been a little disappointed had I not lost RW since they’re really close in color. The main difference is the formula, RRW is smoother and less drying than RW but other than that theres not really a difference. So those of you that own Ruby Woo don’t be too disappointed! I also swatched it with Russian Red and RR is deeper and has a smoother formula.

RiRi Woo will be available again in June, so those of you who didn’t get your hands on it you still have a chance!

So now what you’re really here for, the pictures! (Excuse my messy vanity I’m in the process of re-organizing it)

riri woo

riri woo

riri woo


You can BARELY tell that RRW is a little more vibrant that RW in the photo but its a little more noticeable in person. It’s kind of like if Russian Red and Ruby Woo had a baby.

Heres RiRi Woo on:


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13 responses to “MAC RiRi Woo Swatches and Comparisons

  1. It looks lovely on you! I already own Ruby Woo though, so I’ll be passing this. Pity though, I like the idea of a more moisturizing formula.

  2. They really look very similar.

  3. Pretty Little Beauty Blog

    Red does not look good on me but it looks beautiful on you. They all look so similar I wouldn’t buy all three if I wore red.

    • thanks! I’m sure red looks lovely on you! you’re probably just not used to it! 🙂 I know! I really wanted this to be a unique color but I guess how unique can they get when they already have a million shades of red. I really love how matte it is and the texture though

      • Pretty Little Beauty Blog

        Texture is a biiiig thing for me. If it feels waxy or sticky I don’t like it at all. It is a beautiful shade though :).

    • same here! thats why I’m not a fan of lip glosses because they’re usually sticky and you can’t really tell if they are or not unless you buy them first, at least with drugstore ones

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