Blue Moon

This is one of my favorite looks to do. These colors together just look so pretty, they kind of remind me of a full moon.

For this look I used:

-Navy eyeshadow

-Medium blue Metallic eyeshadow

-Light Blue Metallic eyeshadow

-Peach Eyeshadow

-Dark Blue Eyeliner


Whenever I’m working with dark eyeshadows I usually like to apply my foundation after my eye makeup. πŸ™‚

  1. Apply the peach eyeshadow all over the lid, then create a “C” shape on the outer corner of the eye with the navy eyeshadow.
  2. Next take your medium blue color and apply it in between the peach and the navy blue and into the crease
  3. Take your navy eyeshadow and darken the outer corner of your eye. (You can go back and add more peach to the inner half of your eye if needed)
  4. Next line your eyes with your dark blue eyeliner (or black)
  5. Finish with mascara and clean up any fall out. πŸ™‚




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10 responses to “Blue Moon

  1. Really nice. What mascara did you use?

  2. Beautiful! This goes so well with your eyes!

  3. This is really beautiful! What peach eyeshadow did you use? It almost looks metallic and gold-ish!

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