Mary Kay: True Dimension Lipsticks

Mary Kay is one of my favorite brands, it was the first makeup brand I started using (since my mom used to sell it when I was little) I remember I used to go into her makeup and practice putting on eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, you name it so that way when I got older and I was allowed to wear makeup I’d know how haha

Anyway! back to the post! I recently bought a lot of different products from Mary Kay and instead of doing a huge collective post I’m going to do several different posts by category on the products I got. This one is going to be on lipsticks. I’ve recently been into the whole “its a balm and a lipstick” type of lip products as opposed to standard lipsticks, so I figured I’d try these.

They come in silver tubes, and you push them from the top and the lipstick bullet pops out on the bottom, its pretty cool!




I bought 4 of their True Dimension lipsticks which Mary Kay describes as “Intensely moisturizing. Exquisitely smoothing. It’s like a color-infused fountain of youth for your lips.” and they are, I love them! They really are moisturizing and don’t feel sticky or waxy which of course is great!

Left-Right: Color Me Coral, Pink Cherie, Wild About Pink, Firecracker20130503-205418


L-R: Color Me Coral, Pink Cherie, Wild About Pink, Firecracker




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8 responses to “Mary Kay: True Dimension Lipsticks

  1. NICE! I really like the last one on he right would deff go with my skintone!

  2. That Color me Coral is glorious! That is like the exact color of lipstick I’m in love with right now.

  3. Glad to see someone else loving these as much as I do! Great lipsticks, I seem to be using Colour Me Coral and Natural Beaute on brides rather a lot!

  4. Gracie Yeargin

    How much are they?

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