Subtle Pop Of Color

A lot of people are afraid to even touch blue eyeshadow because they’re scared to look like this…

I know, this show scarred me too haha but when worn properly blue is actually a very nice color to wear!

All you need is

-metallic light blue eyeshadow

-a matte medium brown eyeshadow


-black or dark brown eyeliner if you want to tightline.


First apply eye primer then the matte brown eyeshadow all over your lid and a little into your crease, then take your blue and blend it on the outer corner of your eye and the outer part of your lower lash line. You can keep adding blue little by little till you get the effect you want.


Next make sure it’s well blended and take your eyeliner and tightline if you’d like, then clean up any fall out and apply mascara. And theres a simple easy way to add blue for a little pop of color thats wearable and perfect for everyday. 🙂


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2 responses to “Subtle Pop Of Color

  1. I am someone who typically stays away from bright colors but I really like a subtle blue or using a navy color in a smoky eye look. Your look is beautiful and doesn’t leave you looking like you put on tons of blue shadow.

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