Getting The Most Out Of Your Foundation


You don’t have to buy a million different foundations just to get different finishes or coverages. There are many ways to make the foundation that you have versatile with things that are probably already in your makeup bag!

Turn Your Foundation Into A Tinted Moisturizer:

Take one pump or a small amount of moisturizer on the back of your hand and mix foundation into it to get a moisturizing and sheer coverage foundation.

Make Any Foundation Luminous:

If you have a liquid highlight or a shimmery powder/eyeshadow you can mix it in with your foundation on the back of your hand and apply it as usually to give it a luminous finish!

Help Your Foundation Blend Smoothly:

Sometimes I have days when my skin just isn’t working with me and applying a primer BEFORE my foundation doesn’t seem to help, so what I like to do is mix the primer into the foundation then apply it and it works better and my foundation has a smoother finish.

Give Your Foundation More Coverage or A Matte Finish:

If a foundation is too runny, you want to get more coverage, or if you want your foundation to have a matte finish. What I like to do is put some foundation on the back of my hand and sprinkle some loose powder on it, mix it, then apply it as usual. I also like to do this whenever I travel and forget my concealer.

Applying Foundation In A Rush?

Turn your foundation into a 3-in-1! Whenever I’m in a hurry and need to look presentable I’ll mix half a pump of moisturizer and half a pump of primer with my foundation on the back of my hand then apply it. That way I don’t have to compromise and skip steps.

Buy A Foundation Thats Too Dark?

We’ve all had a little trouble picking out drug store foundations, if you accidentally bought one thats a couple shades too dark don’t let it go to waste, you can use it to contour! Apply some right under your cheek bones, sides of your nose, and up by your temples, blend, and apply your regular foundation on top.


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2 responses to “Getting The Most Out Of Your Foundation

  1. Does the mixing it with primer seem to work well for you? I am always rushing out the door and waiting on everything to set and then applying the next layer is not cutting it.

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