Easy Boho Summer Nails

Teal nail polish is one of my favorite colors to wear this time of year and paired with gold it looks even more beautiful! Like I’ve said before I think everything looks better with glitter and studs. So of course I created my own “studs” with a gold glitter polish, and from a distance they really do look like studs!











Things needed:
-Your favorite teal polish ( I used mint condition from ULTA)
-A gold shimmer polish
-and a dotting tool ( I like to use an old stylus)











First paint two coats of your teal polish and let it dry

Then take your gold shimmer polish and dotting tool and create a row of dots down the center of the nail, if they’re not as opaque as you want them you can let them dry and go back and apply more.

Then finish with a top coat to add shine and smooth out the polish.
And that’s all! Really simple but cute nails! 🙂

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4 responses to “Easy Boho Summer Nails

  1. These nails are so cute! Such a simple, yet creative idea. I’m not at all talented when it comes to nail art, but I think I could rock this! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Emunah

    love love love!

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