Tip To Make Lipstick Last All Day


Everyone has their own little trick to make lipstick last longer, some use concealer on their lips before they apply lipstick, others fill in their lips with lipliner first but I’m not really a fan of either of those methods. This is what I do every time I apply any lipstick and they always last all day! (Its simple yet effective!)

What I like to do is apply my lipstick then kiss a napkin, piece of paper, receipt, or whatever I have handy to blot it then apply the lipstick again. You can do this a third time if you really want to make sure it lasts. 

 (If you want to make the lipstick have a matte finish blot it again but don’t reply after you blot. This is how I like to make my glossy lipsticks matte) 

The reason why this works is because every time you blot the lipstick you’re removing the shine and leaving behind the pigment, so it will leave a stain on your lips and keep it from looking faded. So you’re kind of taking care of the fading and reapplying your lipstick from the beginning (:


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