L’Oreal Versailles Romance Polishes

I have been wanting these polishes since January and I finally saw them went I went to target the other day! I had originally wanted to purchases all of them but only bought 4 of the 6 since I have several purples that are similar to the one in the collection and shimmery peachy colors aren’t really my favorite so I decided to skip those.



The formula is pretty nice, but Creme Puffs and Pistachio Dream were a little streaky but evened out pretty well on the second coat, other than that the colors are beautiful! I consider these to be the perfect pastel shades. They’re not chalky look where they wash out your skin tone. Although I love all of them, I’d have to say Pistachio Dream is my favorite.

Creme Puffs It’s an iridescent/shimmery yellow but I like that once its dried you can barely see the shimmer. It’s perfect for spring and summer!


Macaroon Me Madly It’s a gorgeous pastel pink with no shimmer.


Pistachio Dream It also looks iridescent in the bottle but once it dries you can barely tell, which I like.



Royally Yours It’s a really pretty baby blue with no shimmer. One of my favorites.




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