Swatches: Two Faced Glamour Dust in Glampire


I purchased one of the Glamour Dust Glitter Pigments by Two Faced in the color Glampire, has a purple-y/brown base with blue shimmer, its described as a “peacock brown.”  I also bought the their Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue to use as a base when I apply this or other glitters that I have.

click to enlarge (click image to enlarge)
 left swatch is Glampire alone, right swatch is glampire over the glitter glue.


Of course like any shadow it looks better with a base under it. I really love this glitter its such a pretty color! You can also wear it on top of other eyeshadows to give them a different look and the glitter glue can also be used on top of eyeshadows to keep the glitter in place.


In the photo above I swatched a dark brown metallic shadow to the left, a gold metallic shadow in the middle and a purple metallic shadow on the right, dabbed some glitter glue on top of them and applied Glampire over them. It gives a nice iridescent glittery finish to them. I’ll definitely try some different looks with this and pair it with other colors.

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2 responses to “Swatches: Two Faced Glamour Dust in Glampire

  1. I love the glamour dust from Too Faced, do you feel that the Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue was worth it?
    I have been thinking about purchasing it for a while. ❤

    • Honestly I didn’t like it, I think Mehron mixing liquid is better for glitter since its thin it doesn’t feel cakey or make the glitter lose its shine. Mehron mixing liquid is my faaaavorite thing to use for adhering glitter 🙂

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