I am obsessed with studs! My purse has studs, I have a bunch of shoes with studs, so it only makes sense that I have studded nails to go along with them. Studs just make everything look cuter! I had a hard time finding studs to put on my nails and I didn’t want to order any off the internet because I like to see those kind of things in person before I buy them so I figured I might as well just create my own!

These are the two polishes I used

Finger Paints- Gossamer White

Art Deco- Gold Glitter

I applied three coats of Gossamer White since it is pretty sheer and let them dry completely in between each coat. Then just went back and used the brush from the Art Deco polish to create the “studs” or dots, you can use a dotting tool I just didn’t have one with me when I was doing my nails. Then apply top coat to seal in the polish. 🙂


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