How To: Eye Brightening Concealer

I used to never wear concealer! I never owned one, never even looked at them, and didn’t even really know how to use them until recently. Now concealer is my favorite part of doing makeup, it really makes a difference in your look!

Things needed:
-full coverage concealer 1 shade lighter than your skin tone
-liquid highlight/highlighting concealer
-blending sponge

These are the ones I like to use

♥ Maybelline Dream Touch Lumi in Nude

♥ Revlon PhotoReady Concealer in Fair

♥ L’Oreal Magic Lumi

First take your full coverage concealer (Revlon PhotoReady) and apply it underneath your eye and extend it down to the tops of your cheeks and out past your eye

(The reason you want to bring your concealer down is to prevent reverse circles where your under eye area doesn’t match your face)

Then take your liquid highlight (I like to use both a highlighting concealer and a liquid highlight but you can use just one if you prefer) and apply several little dots on top of your concealer. You can apply more or less depending on how luminous you want it to look.

*I like to add Maybellines Dream Lumi because its a gel based concealer so it helps keep my concealer from creasing and it lasts longer.

Next take your damp blending sponge and blend your concealer and highlight. I like to take the sponge and apply a little to my brow bone as well for highlight. Use dabbing motions instead of rubbing to give it a smooth finish. It’s best to use a blending sponge and not a brush because brushes tend to leave it streaky.

Once it’s all blended apply your foundation on top using the blending sponge and the same dabbing technique, finish with your favorite setting powder and you’re done!

See how it brightened up my complexion! I love it, it’s my little secret to always looking like I got a full nights sleep! 🙂


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