What do you like to use to apply foundation?

ImageThere are so many different types of brushes and sponges out there for foundation and all give different applications. Here are some ways that I like to use them.

Regular Flat Foundation Brush: I usually only use these to apply concealer to my face or for the under eye area. They tend to leave foundation looking streaky so they’re not my favorite thing to use to apply foundation with but it does work great to apply concealer instead of using a tiny brush.

Pointed or Domed Foundation Brush: These are really great for blending foundation around the nose area and under the eyes. I like to use this brush to apply setting powder under my eyes after I’ve applied my concealer.

Stippling or Duo-Fiber Brush: These give a really nice airbrushed look to the face and make the foundation look more natural. When using these its best to dab or stipple the foundation on your face then use small circular motions to buff in the foundation and don’t press too hard and your foundation will look amazing!

Beauty Blender/Super Blender/Blending Sponge: Whatever you want to call these they’re my favorite way to apply foundation! Since they have no corners like traditional sponges they don’t leave lines or streaks in your foundation. To use this sponge you run it under water and kind of squish water into it then squeeze all the water out of it (the reason why you wet the sponge is to help keep the sponge from absorbing a lot of your foundation and it helps give your foundation a more natural looking finish.) Then dab the foundation in dots all over your face and take your sponge and use it to blend your foundation by dabbing it or bouncing it off your skin.



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4 responses to “What do you like to use to apply foundation?

  1. I use a flat elf brush i bought at target for $3….works well

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