Clutch Essentials

We all know that clutches aren’t made to hold that much stuff. I’ve figured out some ways to cut down on the amount of products I carry with me for a night out. These are the only 5 things you need to stay looking flawless throughout the night!

  1. Mascara 
  2. Small liner brush
  3. Cream blush
  4. Single eyeshadow
  5. Concealer


  • Concealer can be used to touch up your face when your foundation starts to fade, instead of carrying the whole foundation with you.
  • Your mascara to reapply if needed and can double as your eyeliner as well! Just take some mascara on your liner brush and apply it just like you would a cream liner.
  • The cream blush can be used as your lip color too! Just make sure you take a color that you wouldn’t mind wearing as a lipstick and you can reapply blush if needed.
  • Your eyeshadow can be touched up with your finger (just make sure you wash your hands!)

and thats all you need, clutch essentials to touch up your look without lugging around a whole bunch of makeup with you! 🙂


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