(Bare Minerals Cheek Tint-Charm, MAC Pearlmatte-Veronica’s Blush, Maybelline Dream Bouncy-Hot Tamale, Merle Norman Mineral Blush-Rosy Outlook, Smashbox O-GLOW)


There are so many different kinds of blush out there that it can be confusing to know which ones are best for you and when to use each one, I’m going to share with you guys several different types of blushes that I have and when I like to use them. (:

  • Cheek Tint- the cheek tint that I have is a powder. These are usually really pigmented so you only have to use very little to get a nice flushed color. They also tend to last longer. I like to use this one both under foundation and after I’ve applied my foundation. I’ll apply it under foundation when I want a subtle very natural looking blush and over foundation when I want more color.
  • Pearlmattes- MAC’s pearlmattes have a nice luminous finish and leave a healthy glow but are usually not too pigmented. I like to use these whenever I have dramatic eye makeup or a bold lip to give a nice wash of color without my face looking too crazy!
  • Cream Blush- These are usually best for dry skin since they usually contain humectants that hydrate the skin. These also tend to last longer than regular powder blush.  I tend to use cream blush if I want more color and during the winter time when my skin tends to dry out. They usually have buildable coverage so its best to start with a little bit and add more if you want. I like to carry these with me if I’m going to have a long day because I can touch up my blush later and also use it as a lip color.
  • Loose Powder Blush- These are great for oily skin since powder is better for absorbing any oil but of course anyone can use them. I like to use these when I want a more natural look or don’t need my blush to last for a very long time.
  • Cheek Stain- I usually only use this one under my foundation to give a subtle natural blush. These can look patchy and be hard to blend sometimes depending on the formula, so it’s best to learn how to work with them and which method is best for you to apply them.

Hope this was helpful! 😀


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