Seaweed Mask!

This mask does wonders for my skin! it helps even out my complexion and my skin just feels so smooth afterwards! I just use seaweed sheets that I buy in the international aisle at my local grocery store. Seaweed contains Vitamin B Complex which enhances circulation, enhances the lifespan of skin cells, promotes oxygenation of the skin, and also keeps skin from getting inflamed or puffy. Deficiency in Vitamin B Complex can cause irritations such as itching and rashes.

  1. I like to start with a clean face, then I tear off a strip of the seaweed and soak it in a bowl of warm water for about 3 minutes.
  2. After it has soaked for 3 minutes I take the seaweed and rub it on my face till my skin is covered with the little bits of seaweed and let it dry. Don’t get freaked out if it starts to itch! Its just tightening on your skin.

This is what it should look like


3. Once the seaweed is all dry I rinse it off with warm water and a damp towel. Then follow with my normal toner and moisturizer.

and there you go! Your skin should feel amazing!



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2 responses to “Seaweed Mask!

  1. batsugame

    you like to start with clean face??? well your eyes are full of make up it is not very usefull for making a seaweed mask

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