Nautical Nails

This is one of my favorite nail designs to do during spring and summer 🙂


Polishes Used:
-ULTA Moody Blues
-Red nail art polish
-Milani Jewel FX Gold
-Milani High Speed Fast Dry in white

First I paint 4 of my nails with my blue polish and paint one nail (usually my ring finger) white, then do a second coat.

Once that dries I take my glitter polish and create horizontal stripes on my nails. I like to apply several layers of glitter, and let it dry in between each layer to keep the glitter from just sliding around.

Then I’ll take a toothpick or a striper brush to create two horizontal blue lines on my ring finger (or the white nail) Next I take my red striper paint and make a red cross then draw a wide V shape on the bottom and add little upside down V’s to the ends.

and last apply a top coat!


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2 responses to “Nautical Nails

  1. I’ve been obsessed with nautical themed anything lately. Love it!

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