MAC Fix+ Uses


Lately I’ve been reading and hearing a lot of people say how they’ve been using MAC Fix+ as a setting spray and saying how their makeup doesn’t last, this is because it isn’t really a setting spray its actually a finishing spray. A setting spray makes your makeup last longer and some even help make it waterproof and sweat proof so it will last all night, while finishing sprays help moisturize and freshen the face. I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite ways to use Fix+

  • One way I like to use it is to spray it on my face before I apply my foundation especially if I’m using a cream and it goes on much smoother
  • Another way I like it use Fix+ is to apply it after I’m finished applying all of my makeup. It helps my makeup look fresh and keeps it from looking powdery.
  • I also like to use it when I want to apply eyeshadows wet or mix pigments. It makes the colors look more rich and vibrant!
  • When I apply too much blush I’ll spray a little on my cheeks and blend it with a clean brush to help sheer out the color.
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4 responses to “MAC Fix+ Uses

  1. themakeuphound

    Like these ideas! Would never think it could be used to sheer out colours. Does it have a scent? x

  2. Avec Veritas

    It’s an amazing product! I also did a post about it because I love this stuff so much! Nice blog! 🙂

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