Tutorial: High Fashion Nails!

One of my favorite things to do when I’m watching tv is to paint my nails. I decided to try a Burberry inspired design I saw on Pinterest and I have to say after getting a lot of positive feedback, I’m pretty pleased with the way they turned out.

Polishes Used:
-CND Desert Suede
-Milani Black Striper polish
-Milani Fast Dry in white
-Nailtini in Bloody Mary +striping brush


  1. First I applied two coats of CND Desert suede and let my nails dry. 
  2. Next I applied a thick white line on 1/3 of my nail vertically and an intersecting white line going horizontally on each nail.
  3. Then I took my black nail art polish and did three stripes on the vertical white line, one down the middle and two on each side, and did the same on the horizontal white line.
  4. After the black polish dried I took my red polish and nail art brush and did a thin red stripe on the opposite side of the vertical white stripe and an intersecting red line above the horizontal red stripe.
  5. Finish with top coat to smooth out the design.



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4 responses to “Tutorial: High Fashion Nails!

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